Best Shoes Like Vans / Vans Alternatives

The reason why Vans has become such a prominent household name is simple: they provide everything just about any sneakerhead is looking for in a pair of shoes. They’ve provided a product that’s so well received in fact that just about anyone who digs the skater, sneaker, or even streetwear look will almost certainly own a pair of Vans already.

With its legendary brand image along with its iconic low-top, lace up skater design, not owning at least one pair can make you feel a little left out. 

But look, we get it. Vans can cost an arm and a leg at times and maybe even though you appreciate the design, you’re keeping an eye out for any alternatives that might even provide a product that’s every bit as good as the real thing (or even better). This is where our list comes in – we’ve compiled and found a number of shoes just like Vans right down below.

Best Shoes Like Vans / Vans Alternatives

Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker

adidas Originals mens Seeley Running Shoe, Ash Grey/White/Black, 10.5 US

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With that iconic thick rubber sole we all associate a pair of Vans with, Adidas through their Seeley Sneaker’s offers just as fine an alternative for anyone looking to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

With just about as many colors to pick from here as there are stars in our sky, the Seeleys will accommodate pretty much any palette here. From ash grey to trace khaki and to even collegiate navy, feel free to express your own individual flair in the form of shoes. 

Now with its elegant fabric-based design that brings out the best in modern tailoring, a pair like these would meld perfectly with any kind of outfit here from the most casual to even something a little formal.

Of course, functionally speaking with its secure lace closure system paired with its abrasion-resistant sole underside, taking a stroll by your local park, and even hitting your gym should be well within the capabilities of the Seeley.

And hey, adidas is still just as iconic a brand as Vans so rock on that 3-Striped, Trefoil logo with pride.

Superga Unisex 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

Superga Unisex 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker,White,39 EU (Women's 8 M US/Men's 6.5 M US)

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Superga’s Cotu Classic Sneakers with its pure 100% cotton composition sits high on our list for good reason: it’s affordable, stylish, and unique.

With a fantastically tough, thick, and textured rubber sole along with a slightly rounder-than-usual design, the Superga managers to produce both a shoe that looks and feels like a pair of Vans but isn’t quite a cheap imitation. From its low-top along with its lace-up vamp and side positioned logo, a pair like this deserves to go with you at any time of the day or night.

As though speaking for its quality, Superga is actually a brand that’s beloved by millions in Italy, so much so in fact that it’s actually become something of a local icon.

That being said though aesthetic and solid as a product, Superga does recommend opting for a shoe that’s around ½ smaller than what you’d normally get because of how they tend to manufacture the shoes!

Onitsuka Tiger – Unisex Mexico 66 Shoes

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Mako Blue/Cream Men's 6, Women's 7.5 Medium

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Probably sitting as one of the most iconic brands out there, Onitsuka Tiger’s Mexico 66 will catch about just as many nods of approval as any pair of Vans could hope to garner.

With soles that are designed for and specifically for the athlete (the Mexico 66s have been used by Olympians); you can rest easy knowing that they’ll last for the long years to come through whatever purpose you might intend on using them for. From simple leisurely jogs around your neighborhood to intense CrossFit sessions, this pair will deliver on all ends.

In terms of its colors, you’ll find three pretty unique options. Now we personally don’t have any one preference though the amber/cream particularly sticks out to us because of its clear relation with classic Bruce Lee films.

Regardless, irrespective of which pair you choose you can be sure to find yourself down for a versatile experience ahead.

Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneaker

Lugz Men's Clipper Classic Slip-on Fashion Sneaker, Black, 8.5

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Crafted expertly out of pure 100% canvas, the Lugz Clipper Sneakers provides any wearer a Vans alternative that is just as comfortable, sleek, and customizable.

In terms of color, you’ll find an offering that is rivalled only by the most popular brands out there. From plain ol’ black to blue to olive to even green camo, matching your outfit with your pair of Lugz couldn’t be a simpler experience. Of course without saying, the same applies to finding your ideal size. 

The Lugz aren’t just a pair of pretty lookers, however. Look deeper and you’ll find an expertly made pair of shoes that are designed to promote not just good looks, but comfort and durability.

This is made possible thanks to its thick rubber sole, vulcanized outer sole, and its extremely breathable inner lining that’ll ward off any sweaty feet even during the longest of walks.

You’ll also notice a feather-soft insole cushion that promotes not just comfort in the short run, but good feet health in the long run as it will minimize soreness, blistering, and bad foot posture.

Slip a pair like these on and you’ll immediately realize why it sits as one of our preferred options on our little list!

Adokoo Canvas Shoes

Adokoo Womens Canvas Shoes Casual Cute Sneakers Low Cut Lace up Fashion Comfortable for Walking(White,US7

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With a pair of Vans alternatives like the Adokoo Canvas Shoes, we guarantee that should you tell any onlooker that you’re wearing a pair of Van’s, chances are they’ll believe you! Usually at least unless they’re some kind of die-hard Vans fan. 

Made out of almost the exact type of canvas as the actual thing, its vulcanized non-slip, thick rubber sole as well as those iconic stiches on the upper section of the shoe provides both comfort and an aesthetic appeal second only to Vans.

It also manages to use extremely light and breathable fabrics and even provides a comfortable insole that’ll take away all that soreness associated with long periods of wear.

Of course, like any pair of good shoes it stands as a highly versatile product that’ll make for an excellent companion no matter where you decide to go to. From the gym to the park to even a cute date, the Adokoo will be there by your side, supporting your every step. 

PUMA Select Men’s Suede Classic Plus Sneakers

PUMA mens Suede Classic + Sneaker, Black/White, 9.5 US

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Perhaps you might feel a little uncomfortable going for brands you’ve never heard of. That’s totally fine – finding a quality pair of Vans alternatives in an oversaturated market as footwear can be a tricky thing to do properly.

Of course, everything on our list has been vetted by us but if you still feel hesitant, we’d suggest you take a good look at PUMA’s Suede Classic Plus Sneakers. 

Providing any wearer with that seminal, classic, old-school look that the public usually associates Vans with, the PUMA provides just as every bit a quality experience as what they’re trying to emulate. With a secure lace-up closure, as well as a soft midsole, and high-quality laces, trying to emphasize quality here would be like trying to say the sun’s hot.

Regardless, with its top-of-the-line construction and diverse offerings in terms of color schemes, if the look of the PUMA appeals to you, then we promise that you can’t ever go wrong with a pair like this. Just get your measurements right though!

JAMONWU Mens Slip-On Loafer Shoes

JAMONWU Mens Slip On Shoes Cloth Shoes Casual Loafers Walking Shoes Lightweight Outdoor Shoes (9 US,B_Khaki)

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Giving any wearer some of the most comfortable experience possible, these pair of canvas shoes take full advantage of high-grade fabrics to create a product that is both light and comfortable. Trust JAMONWU to deliver a pair of alternative Vans that combine both modern aesthetic tastes with classic stitching techniques.

Zooming onto the loafers, you’ll find in front its iconic rounded toe cap which provides both sturdy protection against bumping and ensures that your feet never once feel cramped up within.

Below, you’ll find a thick rubber sole that’ll weather the years to come with proper care as well as EVA-Traction that’ll provide excellent shock-absorbing properties. Trust us on this, your feet and knees will thank you in a few years! 

Timberland PRO Disruptor Oxford Alloy

Timberland Men's Disruptor Oxford Alloy Safety Toe EH AL, Black: Black, 10.5 Wide

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If you’re not too fussed about having a diverse palette of colors to pick from and feel content with straight black, consider Timberland’s Disruptors. Designed first and foremost, to meet the hazardous requirements of the workplace, a pair like this would fare well in construction sites, power generators, factories, and commercial kitchens.

Made out of the best possible materials out there, the alloy safety toes will prevent your feet from ever coming into harm’s way – from oil to fire to even electricity, safety is the name of the game here.

Surprisingly, despite providing all that protection, the Disruptors still are just as every bit comfortable as most other shoe on our list. With its shock-absorbent and anti-fatigue properties in terms of its geometrical design and comfortable inner padding, wearing a pair like this all day will be a breeze.

Now just because the Disruptors were meant for the most dangerous of environments, it doesn’t mean the average wearer can’t take advantage of a pair like these! For anyone seeking a little more protection than usual, the Disruptors will be right up your alley. 

A Buyer’s Guide to Vans Alternatives


By far the most important factor to consider when opting for a pair of shoes, you should always operate within your means for the sake of your wallet. That being said, this is still a balancing act between affordability and quality – just because you’re looking for a pair of Vans alternatives, this doesn’t mean you should be looking for the cheapest option out there. This could mean bad news in terms of safety and even usefulness!

Regardless, if you stick with our list, you can rest easy knowing that all the options above are more than acceptable. However, if you choose to venture elsewhere, make sure to do your due diligence first! 


It doesn’t matter how much you fork out for a pair of shoes if they don’t fit. A pair of shoes is only as good as its fit. Period. Anything too small and you risk causing some serious damage to your feet’s long-term health. Plus, it’ll make for an extremely uncomfortable experience.

Likewise, anything too big and you’ll be met with inferior ankle support and more frequent blistering. The point is, make sure you get your measurements right.


Not all shoes are built equal. Some are designed for just casual walking and running while others are made to meet the demands of the most demanding of environments. A good shoe is one that is versatile but how versatile of a shoe you should get depends strictly on your individual needs.

If you intend on both using your shoe for short walks and for gym sessions, anything on our list should be able to fit the bill. However, if you want a pair that you can use in a kitchen (if you’re say, a chef), then look for something more durable like the Timberlands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I decorate my pair of shoes?

While shoe decorating, especially with paint, has become a highly popular trend over recent years, not all shoes are appropriate for this. If you intend on doing this, make sure you use appropriate paint and opt for a shoe made out of canvas as canvas makes for an excellent surface to express your inner artist!

However, if your shoe is made out of any other material such as leather, then we’d suggest you hold off your decorating urges and use them on other mediums. 

How long can my pair of Vans alternatives last?

There really is no one singular answer for this question. It really depends on how often you use your shoes and which pair you’ve chosen to get. For instance, if you walk to and from work on a daily basis over long distances (we’re talking miles), you can expect the soles of your shoes to wear out within a matter of months.

Conversely, if you only wear your shoes for special occasions (like a date), with proper care it could last for years on end!