Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

I got my first pair of cowboy boots when I was 20. It was summer break and I had gone to visit my uncle who lived in the country and owned a ranch. It was like a dream come true for me.

We walked into the shoe store, I picked a pair that were my perfect size and a cowboy hat to go with it (yeah, I wanted the complete look).

However, trouble set in for my feet after a few days of wearing them. I was so excited about my new pair of boots that I wore them almost all day. But I soon learned it was not just about the fact that I had not given them time to break in.

I went back to the storekeeper who was also a shoemaker, to complain about the boots. He let me know the insoles the cowboy boots came with weren’t the best for my feet and I will have to get better, modern insoles for cowboy boots.

I took his advice by buying…

Timberland PRO Men’s Replacement Insole

There is something about everything Timberland produces. They craft their products, so you feel you were the only one on their mind while they made it. That’s exactly how my feet felt when I swapped the insoles in my cowboy boots for these. Little wonder they have remained at the top.

The feet bear the weight of the body while you are standing or in motion. To help reduce this burden, insoles absorb the shock and cradle the feet. Sometimes, they even correct feet disorders (but those are the orthotic inserts). Prior to changing the insoles of my boots, my feet bore all the shock, that was why my muscles were fatigued which resulted in foot ache.

But when I started enjoying the dynamic anti-fatigue technology of this insole, I never experienced feet ache wearing those boots again. The inverted cone structures underneath the insoles provide resilient support, absorbs shock, and converts the absorbed shock to energy for your feet.

 The other thing I like about these insoles is they have an antiseptic top cover designed to kill odor-causing bacteria and regulate the body’s temperature. It regulates the body’s temperature using its rebound open-cell breathable foam to wick away moisture from the surface of the insoles- beneath your feet. This equally serves to keep the feet fresh and prevent the shoes from smelling.

These insoles were designed, not only for boots but for work shoes as well. Shoes that receive much pressure due to prolonged use or having to absorb the shock and weight of heavy guys. All thanks to its anatomically contoured footbed. It is a comfort for people who have to wear shoes for long hours of the day and for those working in demanding environments. Demanding environments such as construction sites, mines, etc. That’s why they are sometimes called heavy-duty insoles.

Its dynamic arch is designed to adapt to all foot shapes. To assure durability, the base of the insole is made synthetic. What’s more? It prolongs your boots’ life. It is the complete package.

Can Cowboy Boots Hurt Your Feet?

Let me explain why the answer to this question is yes.

First, the outsoles of cowboy boots are hard which is understandable because the boots serve almost every occasion and there needs to be an assurance of durability. So, your feet are subjected to the hardness of the outsoles whilst you’re wearing the boots. Secondly, the insoles in the boots do not provide enough support.

A little education about how shoes provide support, shall we.

The sole of a shoe consists of three parts- the outsole or base of the shoe, the midsole and the insole. The outsole, as you may already know, protects the feet and if they are slip-resistant keeps you from falling on oily or wet surfaces. The midsole is between the outsole and insole. This is what cushions and provides arch support for the feet. This feature is absent in cowboy boots, that is why the boots can hurt your feet.

Thirdly, the heels of the boots are not abrasion-resistant. They wear unevenly which can alter your walking steps and cause serious foot pain. (Perhaps, the guys we watch in cowboy movies have that unique walking step because their cowboy boots have altered their original walking step. Who knows?)

Now you see why you need to get insoles for your cowboy boots. To ease the stress of deciding which to choose, we did a survey and below are our top 3 choices for arch and heel support.

1. Timberland PRO Anti-fatigue Footbed Powered by Fcx Technology Insole

Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Footbed Powered by Fcx Technology Insole

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Timberland comes through again for boot lovers with this insole.

In case you are wondering what Fcx technology is, it refers to how the insoles are shaped to increase support, strength and rigidity, prevent injury and reduce fatigue.

The insoles work with anti-fatigue technology to provide support, absorb shock and convert the shock to energy for the feet. Its OrthoLite top layer provides cushioning comfort and manages moisture on the feet by wicking it away. This function- wicking moisture away to keep the feet dry- is further improved by the mesh lining of the insoles.

The fabric of the insoles is mesh lined and treated with Agion antimicrobial. The antimicrobial treatment prevents the growth of and kills bacteria which cause the feet to smell, and the shoes eventually, that is because smelly feet results to smelly shoes and vice versa. The forefoot of the insole has tiny holes, which we may, for the purpose of this discussion, call ventilation pores. They aid in regulating air for the feet.

It also has a neutral arch design which makes it suitable for all arch types. The footbed is ergonomically contoured to cradle the feet for maximum cushioning, support and overall comfort. Apart from the fabric covering, the insole is synthetic. This increases the flexibility of the insole and prolongs its life.

The base of this insole when compared to the insole earlier reviewed is less flat. This makes the insole better suited for women cowboy boots.

How to care for this insole:

Simply hand wash with mild detergent and warm water then air to dry. It is not advisable to use a washing machine to wash them.

2. Samurai Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet

Samurai Insoles Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Shoe Insoles, Men 10 to 10 ½, Women 12 to 12 ½, Red

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This insole is not your usual shoe inserts. It is both an insole and an orthotic, and as Samurai likes to say, they “hide the orthotics inside.” The insole is full length, but the orthotics offer extra protection for ¾ of the feet- from the arch to the heels- which is commendable because the arch and heel absorb more shock than other parts of the foot and should receive special attention when they can get it.

As an orthotic insert, it provides instant relief and in certain cases help in the correction of foot disorders such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs, arch pain, ball of the foot pain, heel pain, tarsal tunnel, bunion, Achilles tendon pain, knee pain, hip pain, hammertoes etc. When you go through this list, you’ll observe that most of these disorders are common among people who love to wear cowboy boots. This is so because of the base of the boots and the rigid leather used in making most of the boots. In case you are wondering how this insole can offer relief to all these foot disorders, keep in mind that they were designed by people who understand the medical demands of the feet better than everyone else- podiatrists.

The insoles are low profile and lightweight to give your feet day to day comfort. They relieve pain, are versatile and durable. Its arch support is top-notch. It addressed the root cause of sore, tired feet.

Finally, they are suitable for other kind of shoes such as work shoes, casual shoes, sneakers etc.

3. Sof Sole Insoles Women’s AIRR Orthotic Support for Western Boots

Sof Sole Insoles Women's AIRR Orthotic Support Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert, Women's 8-11

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The special features of this insole are its gel support and reinforced nylon stability plate spotted in the arch. Sof Sole needs no introduction, they are experts in the manufacturing of insoles- for both male and female use.

Remember when we discussed why cowboy boots hurt the feet, and we said one of the causative factors is that the boots tend to wear and tear unevenly on the heels. This insole will prevent such from occurring.

Apart from the gel support under the heel of the insole, the insoles use Skydex technology in the arch and heel. Skydex technology uses air bubbles to absorb shock during high impact activities. This double layering of the heels with gel and air bubble reduces the stress on the heels of your feet and of the shoes. They also make the heel of the insole higher than its forefoot.

The reinforced nylon stability plate in the arch helps low arched feet stay in line, enhances motion control and promotes alignment.

To regulate the body temperature, the insoles feature Coolmax technology. The Coolmax fabric top cover wicks away moisture/ sweat from the surface of the feet to keep it dry and cool. In effect, what this does is prevent the feet and shoes from being damp with sweat and developing a foul odor. This odor control function is promulgated by the antimicrobial treatment of the fabric top cover.

Ergonomically contoured to be best suited for women boots/ shoes.

The only short-coming of this insole may be that it is designed for persons with low arches, in opposition to being for all arch types.

Are Cowboy Boots good for walking?

Let’s examine what a good walking shoe should feature before we answer this question.

Soft base: we do not mean here that the base should be fragile, rather we mean the base should be flexible so that it has a firm grip with the ground but a soft landing for the feet.

Cosy midsole: the midsole acts as the ‘middle man’ between the outsole/ base of the shoe and the insole. It absorbs the shock from your body, which initially rests on your insoles, and absorbs the shock from the ground which is initially felt by the outsole. It also provides arch support. It is often made of foam to make it flexible and promote its cushioning ability.

When these two features are absent, the benefits they offer are also absent.

Therefore, the cowboy boots being a footwear with a hard base and no midsole to provide arch support, are not good for walking. However, this answer can be reversed if you use the right insoles. Hence, this article is committed to helping you choose the right insole for your cowboy boots.

To increase your options on what insoles to get, below are more reviews on insoles for cowboy boots.

4. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s AIRR Performance Walking Boots Insert

Sof Sole Men's Airr Insole, Black, 13-14

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We previously reviewed the women’s insole of this product.

As the name of this insole implies, it has gel inserts. The gel inserts placed in the forefoot maximizes its cushioning. It also makes use if Skydex technology/ air bubble to absorb the impact the feet make and converts it to kinetic energy for ultimate shock absorption.

This insole has anti-microbial treated top covers to kill odor-causing bacteria. This feature is vital because cowboy boots allow limited air supply, and without this feature as well as that of the Coolmax technology, your boots and feet will stink. The Coolmax technology wicks away moisture from the foot through the insoles.

To ensure the entirety of your feet stay happy in your boots, the footbed of the insole is made of polyurethane- which is foamy and flexible. Its flexibility is another important factor because your feet curve while in motion so you need an insole that is not rigid, but flexible to correspond with your feet’s movement pattern.

Sof Sole’s AIRR performance gel shoe inserts are better worn by medium arch owners and are perfect for cowboy boots, athletic shoes and engaging in high impact activities. They are non-slip and with a firm grip with the bottom of your shoes, they do not move around in the shoes.

5. Bickmore Cowgirl Boot Insole

Bickmore Work Insoles for Women | Gel Lightweight Support Insole | Great for Work Shoes, Riding & Cowboy Boots | Once Size Fits All | Cut to Size

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Bickmore claims to have a tradition of excellence since 1882 since it is committed to providing her customers with the highest quality products money can buy. Bickmore is a name you can trust when it comes to caring for your boots, hat or horse. As experts in boots, their insoles are trust-worthy.

The Bickmore cowgirl boot insole focuses on absorbing shock from the calcaneus and metatarsal, i.e. the heel, the instep and toes. If you look at how the cowboy boots are structured, you’ll notice that they are narrow at these points mentioned. So the insoles simply pay extra attention to the narrow parts of the boots. It is optimally padded to provide relief from stress, pain and pressure and promote comfort.

Using its antiseptic technology, it eliminates smell-causing bacteria. It’s a ‘one size fits all’ insole and is equally good for work shoes and riding boots.

How to use:

Simply place the insoles in your boot to check for fitting. If not fitting, you can remove the inserts and trim to your size by using another insole of yours that fit perfectly as a guide.


Hand wash and air to dry. It’s not advisable to use a washing machine.

6. Danner Men’s DXT Comfort Footbed for Boots

Danner Men's DXT Comfort Footbed

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Danner claims to be craftsmen who pay meticulous attention to details and have optimal knowledge of boots. It is with their knowledge and experience that they have crafted this insole for boots which features a DXT comfort footbed, incorporates a dual-density shock absorption system with a tri-density heel system.

In simpler terms, what this insole offers is overall stress and pressure relief on three main parts of the body that receives the most impact during movement which are the heel, arch and knee. Not only does it promise relief, it promises it in double and triple folds which means you may end up feeling like you’re floating and not walking with these insoles.

Its X-Static lining keeps the feet cool and free of fungi. The TPU X design features a heel stabilizer cup with extra shock absorption for additional support. These insoles are made flexible by it slow-rebound memory foam to conform to the anatomy of the foot and provide outstanding comfort.

To assure durability, the soles are made synthetic. This prolongs, not just the insoles life, but your boots life.

7. Bringsine Cowboy Boot Insole

Bringsine Arch Support Insoles for Men and Women Shoe Inserts - Orthotic Inserts - Flat Feet Foot - Running Athletic Gel Shoe Insoles - Orthotic Insoles for Arch Pain High Arch - Boot Insoles1 Pair M

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Bringsine insole has an ultra-light design and a soft memory foam which deliver energizing support and cushioning to the feet. It helps reduce friction between the feet and the shoes which prevents blisters and scars on the feet, especially the toes. The carbon fiber of the insoles eliminates the smell.

These insoles are breathable to promote air circulation and with a full arch shell additional support is provided as well as motion control and side-to-side stability to keep your feet properly aligned.

Should these insoles not be your size exactly, you can always trim it following the trimming guide under the insoles.

Still undecided about what insole you should get for your boots? You could still check out any of the insoles below.

8. Enerfoot Arch Support Boot Insoles

High Arch Support Insoles for Men Women Orthotic Shoe Inserts Plantar Fasciitis Inserts Super Support Shoe Inserts

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Enerfoot comes through with this insole which is characterized by a u-shaped heel cup to cradle the heels, protect the ankle joint and make exercising a pleasurable experience.

It has a gel pad on the heel which relieves stress and absorbs shock on the heel. The gel pad is encased in a hard TPU which provides reinforced arch support. The metatarsal was also had in mind while this insole was designed. That’s why there is an extra cushioning for it.

The metatarsal support and fabric are all breathable. However, this insole is not a one-size-fit-all insole. It is specially constructed for persons with high arch. It can also be trimmed to size following its trimming guide.

9. JobSite Dura Gel Comfort Insoles

JOB SITE Dura Gel Insoles; Women 6-11; Trim to Fit; 1 Pr

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The dura gel of these insoles has the following key functions- to absorb weight-bearing pressure, provide superior rebound and provide extra support. The Dura Gel is located beneath the arch, heels and at the forefoot.

With its breathable top cover, heat is displaced, moisture is wicked away and friction is reduced- which is another way of saying blisters and foot sores are prevented. Using Aegis microbe shield, the feet are protected against smell causing bacteria and fungi and most other forms of bacteria. Like the previously reviewed insoles, this also has a trim guide.

The JobSite Dura gel insole is a brand that works and prolongs your boots life.

You will be easily attracted by the color and design pattern of these insoles.