Top 10 Best insoles for sneakers

One of our main objectives is to find the best sneaker insoles for you. We examine quality, service level, and price to find the perfect insoles for sneakers. Take a look at this article! A normal insole wears out after 8 to 12 months so they need to be replaced anyway. Le

Best insoles for sneakers (yahoo)
Best insoles for sneakers (yahoo)

Why do sneakers need an insole?

The insole provides your feet with padding and protection below the foot. It is commonly known as a footbed or inner sole. These are often easy to replace. Many people will replace the original insoles with a pair of specialty insoles they buy separately for better support and more comfort. These are called ‘aftermarket’ insoles.

Best Insoles for sneakers

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1. Superfeet Green Insoles – Great Insole for Jordans

Superfeet GREEN - High Arch Orthotic Support - Cut-To-Fit Shoe Insoles - Men 9.5-11 / Women 10.5-12

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There are various ways to trim your insoles for Jordan 1 sneakers to the ideal size. Superfeet green inserts are especially good for arch support.
They have a great reputation, which means they make a great upgrade for your Air Jordan 1’s.

They help stabilize your feet and improve the foot structure of flat feet. Therefore, your knees and ankles will not churn under strain.
The high level of cushioning in these insoles makes them perfect for running or playing sports. They feature a deep heel cup that absorbs impact to provide maximum comfort and arch support.


  • The density of our foam is high and the cushioning provides the necessary shape and structure for your feet.
  • This spray has an organic odor-control component that prevents bacterial breeding. It also provides arch support, which eliminates foot and knee pain.


  • No real cons, accept it’s a bit pricy.
Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles Review by SidsTips

2. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles– A good product at a good price

Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles, Women's 9-10.5/Men's 8-9.5

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The active arch and heel support make the shoe ideal for your feet – people who do active or intense sports will love it. The insole is a perfect addition to the sneaker, adding even more stability.
Another thing that insoles can do is help improve your foot motion control. They do this by reducing over-pronation and also supination, which can prevent common injuries like plantar fasciitis.


  • The shoes provide a lot of stability to the user.


  • They’re designed with some give, so you can wear them for short periods

3. Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Insoles – Well-made and beneficial to flat feet!

Arch Support Insoles Men & Women by Physix Gear Sport - Orthotic Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Flat Foot, High Arches, Shin Splints, Heel Spurs, Sore Feet, Overpronation (1 Pair, Medium)

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Want to balance your foot structure? This Physix Gear insole is a perfect choice. Why? The increased arch support does wonder for balancing the foot force, which balances your foot structure. Give your running injury the care it deserves with this special insole.
These shoes are great for a lot of activities. They work as a good partner for your Jordan shoes to improve performance.


Save your feet from the onslaught of constant weight by wearing shoes that provide good arch support.

Eva + PU material helps protect your feet from impacts while providing a stylish alternative to other styles. The slim toe bed also increases the space in the toe area, resulting in a more comfy fit for your feet.


  • The high arch can make low-profile shoes feel rather tight.
The Best Shoe Insoles for sneakers compared
The Best Shoe Insoles for sneakers compared


Dr. Scholl's Athletic series, Advanced Sport Massaging Gel Insoles for Women's sizes 6-10, Multi-color

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Dr. Scholls massaging insoles are the perfect accompaniment for active people. They help reduce foot or leg fatigue, provide stability and support in key areas, and they’re easy to use- just trim to fit!


Superfeet unisex adult 7.5-9 Men / 8.5-10 Women Insole, Orange, Men Women US

Superfeet insoles are a popular all-time choice for different types of shoes, and Vans is no exception. They have a deep heel cup to provide support and help absorb impact. They are made of a closed-cell foam material and have a treatment to control odor. This keeps footwear smelling fresh.


  • Full-Length Fit: High-profile, high-volume Superfeet insoles are designed to fill the length and width of your shoe for maximum support, simply trim the arch-support inserts to fit your shoes
  • Stabilizer Cap: The base of these orthotic sole inserts supports the rearfoot and provides structure and stability to the foam layer
  • Deep Heel Cup: Featuring deep heel cups for heel pain, these orthotic insoles help support the foot during high-impact activities and long distances


  • Less comfortable than the Superfeet Green
  • Medium arch support


Happystep Memory Foam Sport Gel Shoe Insoles, Heel Cushioning and Shock Absorption (Size M: Men 6-8 or Women 7.5-9.5)

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Memory foam is a great option for preventing pain and injury. Additionally, HappyStep offers a range of benefits that can give you a more dependable experience. It’s affordable, has a neutral arch for any type of foot, and there’s gel in the heel & toes which provides shock absorption. The elevated memory foam also guarantees durability and comfort


  • Gel pads under the heel and forefoot provide excellent shock absorption
  • Trim-to-fit, easily trimmable sizes for custom fit
  • Very affordable option


  • Weak in arch support, lees supportive for high arch feet.


Powerstep Unisex-Adult Pinnacle Arch Support Orthotic Insert for Plantar Fasciitis, Equipment for Home Workouts, Blue, Men's Size 10-10.5/Women's Size 12

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Powerstep Pinnacle offers semi-stiff arch support while still being flexible. It also has a deep heel cup to keep your feet supported. A foam base and Powersteps’ Variable Cushioning Technology means your feet never get tired! An antimicrobial treated fabric upper provides airflow for summer hikes, too.


  • PowerStep arch support shape provides stability to the foot and ankle
  • a podiatrist-recommended orthotic to help relieve and prevent foot pain
  • A more economic alternative to Superfeet
  • Orthotic inserts Inserts are ordered by shoe size, no trimming required


  • As they are by size, you can’t trim the insoles to your size
  • First-time insoles users may need a transition period of wearing insoles only a few hours a day.
  • The insoles last for about 200-250 miles

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Arch Support Insoles Men & Women by Physix Gear Sport - Orthotic Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Flat Foot, High Arches, Shin Splints, Heel Spurs, Sore Feet, Overpronation (1 Pair, X-Small)

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These full-length insoles’ semi-rigid design supports your arches and heels. An ultra-thin design made from EVA foam and polyurethane is low profile and prevents slippage, ensuring you can exercise without experiencing discomfort.

A decent insole, not much more to add to it


  • Steady Arch support as a soothing solution for Flat Feet, Runner’s Knee, Overpronation, Shin Splints, & Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Low Profile ultra-thin model won’t alter the way your shoe fits.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip design to hold the insert securely in place
  • Deep Heel Cup


  • The arch feels high and stiff
  • Due to the shape, it might take longer to get used to the insoles


ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles - Foot Arch Relief Support Orthotic - Firm Foam Shoe Inserts for Men, Women, Work, Running - Fit Boots and Sneakers

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ViveSole is a shock-absorbing shoe insert made by a podiatrist that addresses your feet with increased cushioning in the heels and forefoot. They relieve stress on your feet and fatigue for a long-lasting feeling of comfort. Made from lightweight foam, this product is also durable and washable!


  • The insoles are designed by a Podiatrist, which makes them a good and reliable insole
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase with confidence
  • Lightweight model
  • Also comes in a half-length model


  • Hard arch support makes it a bit uncomfortable at the start
  • The insoles appear less thick than you would expect

How To Pick the Best Insoles for Sneakers for You?

As a rule, start with the type of foot pain you have. Consider your arch type and personal preference for materials before making your final selection. Insoles for sneakers are a fantastic way to prevent or treat injury and upgrade your footwear.

1. Insoles For The Right Activity

You may consider using different insoles if participating in high-intensity or resistance activities. Insoles for daily sneakers, for instance, may not be the best for active lifestyle sneakers. Different shoe designs for different activities will have different support levels, which can change based on the type of activity being performed.

2. Insole That Is Properly Sized

The insole size is very important – they must fit in your shoes. Insoles are typically sized within a range of shoe sizes (for example, Men’s 9-11). For most insoles for sneakers, the reason is that they are being pre-trimmed to fit your shoe size. If you know your foot measurements, pick the insole that corresponds with the size of your feet.

3. Insole Placement

Almost all full-length insoles are designed to replace the liner that comes with the shoe completely – only flat insoles can be added without removing the default insole.¾ insoles are placed inside the shoe with the liner that comes with the shoes.

4. Insoles For The Right Arch Type

If you don’t know much about this, we have a few guides to help you figure out your arch type and another on what you need if you have or suspect flat feet. We also have one for identifying high arches.

  • Neutral/medium arches
  • Low arches/flat feet/fallen arches
  • High arches

When choosing insoles, pick the type that matches your arch and buy the insole accordingly.

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5. Footbed Type

Insoles and arch support come in one of four different types. There are rigid orthotics, semi-rigid orthotics, cushioned arch supports, and ones with no arch support/flat cushion. Next to those you have the choice between memory foam or gel insoles

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Getting the right insole for your particular work needs will be important. To ensure you get the correct insole, it is important to ensure what footbed type best suits your needs.

How to Change a Sneaker Insole

Replacing worn or uncomfortable insoles is a fast, easy process that most people can do alone. Insoles can provide added support by cushioning and protecting sore feet. In this paragraph we will teach you how to replace your insoles for sneakers properly:

Step 1: remove the current insole

Remove the insole from your shoe. Most shoes come with removable insoles that shouldn’t be too tough to remove.

Step 2: make your choice of a new insole first

Think about what type of insole will best suit your needs. Durable insoles provide extra cushioning in certain areas, the sporty insole is lightweight and moves with you, etc. Buy whichever one can address your needs the best. The list above is a good starting point.

Step 3: Make sure you have the right size insole

When you are shopping for new insoles, bring your old ones. That way if the insoles are sold by the size you can use the old ones to find the right size. Correct size insoles are hard to find, so getting them right at the start is essential. Large retail shops often have dozens of different manufacturers but usually only stock one variety of sizes.

Step 4: cut your new insoles to the size of your old ones

If your insoles don’t already come in the right size, you’ll need to overlap them with your old ones so you can trim them. Use scissors to cut the new ones so they fit well and sit flat in your sneakers. Choosing the right size for your insoles can make a huge difference. If you don’t want to take them off, buy insoles in your exact size.

Step 5: Slide the insole gently into your sneakers

Put the new insole into the shoe starting from the toe side and using your hand to push it down so it sits correctly.

Bonus Tip: Insoles Do Not Last a Lifetime

Insoles do eventually wear down and need to be replaced once per year

How to find the right insoles for sneakers? (video)



Here’s a look at how insoles can solve many of your problems with your feet. We hope this guide assists you in finding the right insole. We hope you find a pair of insoles that suit your needs from this diverse round-up and happy feet to every step.

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