Are Shoe Lifts Uncomfortable?

Are Shoe Lifts Uncomfortable

When it comes to using shoe lifts or any other shoe accessories, if you deviate from what the foot is used to, it will initially cause discomfort. In this case, any insert inside your shoes will feel weird in the earlier days. What you need to do, is pick an insert that is completely suited … Read more

Best Insoles for Shoes that are too Big in 2022

Best insoles for shoes that are too big

Is it possible to make your shoes fit when they’re too big? Ideally, you buy shoes that fit you properly, but in many cases, you adjust them by replacing the insole. All you need to know about insoles for shoes that are too big and and a profound deep dive by brand you can rely … Read more

Best Insoles for Concrete in 2022

Best Insoles for Concrete

You know it feels different being on concrete, different in a hurtful way. Standing on concrete all day with limited shock absorption on an insole can help with comfort and fatigue. Why do concrete floors hurt your feet? Concrete is a material that has no give. This rigidity impacts the body. Regularly standing or moving … Read more

Best Insoles for Arthritis in 2022

Best Insoles for Arthritis

My grandmother has been working on her feet, in high heels, for most of her adult life. As a result, she not only became used to dealing with pain but also developed arthritis. My problem is that she is so used to working through the pain that she refuses any treatment of her arthritis so … Read more

Do Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better?

Do insoles make shoes fit better

Many of today’s health problems can be traced to the inadequate foot support. If your feet are not firmly planted when you stand or walk, they will throw out of balance your entire body and can problems that start with a bad posture but can end with pinched nerves and chronic headaches. That is why … Read more

Best Insoles for CrossFit in 2022

Best Insoles for CrossFit

My kids, especially my five-year-old loves physical activities. It is great for him, as an active kid is a healthy kid. And they inherit it from me as I have always been an active person – running regularly, lifting weights and working out in the gym. For 1 year I’m completely into Crossfit which is … Read more

Best Insoles for Doc Martens in 2022

Best Insoles for Doc Martens

I bought a pair for my five-year-old and even though he wears them regularly they are holding up well. However, I did discover that the insoles the shoes came with have started to wear off, but as they are removable, I decided to simply replace them as I am happy with the actual shoe. This … Read more

Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots in 2022

Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

I got my first pair of cowboy boots when I was 20. It was summer break and I had gone to visit my uncle who lived in the country and owned a ranch. It was like a dream come true for me. We walked into the shoe store, I picked a pair that were my … Read more