Best Insoles for Nurses in 2022

Nurses barely get to rest during their work shifts. They are always on their feet for long shifts—this much stress on the feet is never healthy. Due to added pressure, nurses are prone to develop foot conditions that can progress into even more severe issues. Learn all about the Savvy selection of insoles for nurses … Read more

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats in 2022

Playing soccer puts a lot of strain on your feet with twists and turns in every direction. It can be hard work on your feet and the standard insoles may not be able to cope. Your feet can be made a lot more comfortable by simply wearing the best insoles for soccer cleats.  That’s why … Read more

Can You Put Insoles on Top of Insoles?


Most people experiencing mild pain or discomfort in the area of the feet seek to get rid of it by ‘upgrading’ their shoes with orthotic insoles. Now, most people who are not too familiar with how this technology works assume that they simply need to place their new orthotic insoles in their shoes and that … Read more

How To Clean Shoe Insoles

Insoles are often the filthiest part of your shoes as it’s the first place where dirt and sweat end up. Thankfully they are quite easy to clean and here we take a look as to how to give your shoes the refresh they need. How To Clean Shoe Insoles The best way to clean insoles … Read more

Best Basketball Insoles in 2022

Basketball players typically invest quite a lot of money in their shoes, but what most people don’t know that even the priciest pairs of sneakers aren’t as comfortable after a couple of training sessions at the court. If you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort, you should probably upgrade your insoles instead of spending fortunes on … Read more

Best Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain in 2022

There are numerous ways by which you can start experiencing ball of foot pain, and only a handful of means to mend this painful ailment. One of the easiest and probably one of the most stylish ways to combat this issue is to grab a set of insoles that were specifically designed for this task.  … Read more

Best Converse Insoles Replacement in 2022

Everyone’s feet are different and sometimes you need specific support that a generic shoe can’t give you. That’s why we’ve found the 10 best Converse insoles replacement. We’ve also developed a buying guide so you can work out exactly what you need. The popularity of Converse seems timeless with its wide range of sneaker designs. … Read more

Best Insoles for Shin Splints in 2022

Best Insoles for Shin Splints

I dare you to say shin splints quickly 10 times. Quite the tongue twister, right? As fun as it is to say the word, actually experiencing one is not as enjoyable. Without using too much jargon, let me try to explain what a shin splint actually is with the caveat that I am not a … Read more

Are Insoles Supposed to Hurt?

Are Insoles Supposed to Hurt

Have you been looking for some foot support and turned to insoles only to experience pain and discomfort when using them? Considering insoles are specifically designed to alleviate any kind of discomfort, and aid in correcting injuries, it really begs the question: Are Insoles Supposed to Hurt? In a nutshell, no, insoles are not supposed … Read more

Best Nike Insole Replacement

Nike Insole Replacement

Discover the best Nike insoles replacement on the market. As with many brands, Nike delivers its shoes with standard insoles. These are fine for many people, but must be replaced when you expect better comfort or support. As with all insoles, it’s important to really figure out what you expect from them, after that you … Read more