Best Salsa Dance Shoes

Choosing the best salsa dance shoes can be quite overwhelming as there are simply so many different styles and fits to choose from. This could be due to the increase in popularity of salsa and other Latin dances as introduced by TV shows over the years. Just like any job that requires tools, it is … Read more

Best Cheer Shoes

As a strenuous activity, cheerleading can strain your feet and ankles as you make that gravity-defying jump and tumble. This is why it is very important to wear good cheering shoes. But what makes a good pair?  Excellent cheer shoes are lightweight. They provide comfort by absorbing shock and consequently supporting your ankles. Cheer shoes … Read more

Sanita Vs Dansko Clogs

Sanita and Dansko are respected brands of clogs, making high-quality shoes for use in work settings. Both have comfortable shoes that protect individuals (such as nurses, doctors, and waiters) who work on their feet. In this write-up, we review some of the top clogs from each brand before discussing Sanita Vs. Dansko head-to-head. We trust … Read more

Best EMS Boots

Emergency response teams are the first to come to gruesome, horrific scenes; not knowing what to expect, they still need to hope for the best while preparing for the worst. Well, it’s precisely the latter that we’re here to talk about – being properly and adequately prepared to take the unpredictable problems head-on.  Emergency Medical … Read more

Best Shoes to Wear After Foot or Ankle Injury

The best shoes to wear after a foot or ankle surgery are healthy, soft, and comfortable. They not only provide support but also make it possible for you to walk with ease. To help you choose the right shoes for your type of injury, we have reviewed some of the best. After reading the detailed … Read more

Best Skechers Memory Foam Shoes

Sneakers are probably the kind of shoes you buy most often. They are very flexible since you can wear them to university, walk to the grocery store, run after your kids, and even work if there is no formal dress code. They are the perfect casual shoes that do not make you look like you … Read more

Best Mezlan Shoes

For all the people out there, who like boots and have broad feet, do I have a list for you? I swear no shoe lives up to the class of a traditional boot or loafer. While I spend most of my time in either sneakers or slippers, I relish my boot collection like they are … Read more

Best Bunion Splint

Regardless of what type of feet you have, whether they’re wide or narrow, large or small, flexible or even tight for that matter, bunions will and always have been a pervasive issue. Bunions cause discomfort, pain, and tension. And when left untreated, not only does it risk negatively impacting your daily life, but it will … Read more

Best Nike Insole Replacement

Nike Insole Replacement

Discover the best Nike insoles replacement on the market. As with many brands, Nike delivers its shoes with standard insoles. These are fine for many people, but must be replaced when you expect better comfort or support. As with all insoles, it’s important to really figure out what you expect from them, after that you … Read more