Best Shoes for Plantar Fibroma in 2022

Plantar fibroma is a condition that causes your feet to form deep connective tissues, leading to discomfort and aches for afflicted individuals. If this is a problem, you should know the importance of using high-quality shoes that provide comfort and reduce pain. Good thing it is possible to combine style and comfort when looking for … Read more

Best Shoes for Retail Workers in 2022

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Every experienced retail worker knows that the right pair of shoes is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need to work in this sector.  Spending hours a day on your feet looking presentable can really take its toll.  Foot cramps, rubbing and swelling are just some of the unfortunate side effects … Read more

Best Shoes for a Broken Toe in 2022

Best Shoes for a Broken Toe

Breaking a toe is a distressing and painful experience.  It is so frustrating to not be able to walk comfortably and go about your daily life in peace.  Each time you feel it might be getting better, you bump it again in the shop or knock it going down the stairs and the healing process … Read more

Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors in 2022

Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an attractive and stylish addition to any home, and it’s unsurprising why they’re such a popular choice when renovating a property. Our research has resulted in a top 10 list of Houseshoes for hardwood floors. There are 3 reasons why it’s a great idea to get a pair of slippers for hardwood … Read more

Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop in 2022

Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

Dancing hip hop can be a pretty intense activity that will challenge not just every limb and muscle on your body but your brain as well when it comes to memorizing elaborate moves and keeping in time with the music. Needless to say, the equipment you have can play a pretty vital role in promoting … Read more

Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet in 2022

Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

A sweaty foot often comes with a bad odor, and everyone knows this can be embarrassing if not taken seriously. While the issue is fairly common, not a lot of people know the best ways to combat the problem. One of the most important things to do is to get yourself some breathable footwear in … Read more

Best Shoes for Shuffling in 2022

Best Shoes for Shuffling

Shuffling burst into the dance scene in the 1980s and 1990s, and it quickly evolved as a popular rave routine at music festivals, nightclubs, and parties. Shuffling involves repeatedly moving your heels and toes in a T-step combined with various matching arm actions. Since then, many sneakers have been developed to ensure dancers can execute … Read more

Best Shoes for Warehouse Work in 2022 for men and women

Anyone who has worked in a warehouse knows how tough the job can be. You’re generally on your feet for the entire shift, and after several hours your legs and feet will feel it. You know you will have to walk long distances and pivot to get boxes and packages from the racks, so let’s explore … Read more

Best Shoes for Treadmill Walking in 2022

The treadmill is an incredibly popular form of exercise that’s used the world over by people looking to meet their health and fitness goals. Simple and easy to use, but flexible enough that it can be used by literally anyone no matter their current state of fitness.  But one of the issues with treadmills is … Read more

Best Tennis Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day in 2022

As a popular recreational sport, tennis is enjoyed by people of all ages. Anyone who can hold a racket can play it, even persons with disabilities or wheelchair-bound individuals. It is a great activity to burn some calories and have fun at the same time.  Tennis courts have different surfaces. Some are made from clay … Read more