Best Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes are a versatile and effective addition to any wardrobe.  They offer comprehensive protection for your feet, protecting the toes, sole and ankle.  This makes them great shoes for both men and women who work in construction, warehouses, or manufacturing jobs.  Alternatively, they are also very useful for gardening, hiking, or mountain climbing.   … Read more

Best Martial Arts Shoes

The best martial art shoes can turn you into a professional player, no matter your discipline. They are perfect for practice sessions, sparring, kata, depending on the martial art one practices. Even with an understanding of their benefits, buying martial art shoes isn’t easy, especially for the newbies. The purpose of this article is to … Read more

Are Vans Non Slip / Slip-Resistant? It depends…

Vans sneakers are non-slip or slip-resistant, for daily use. (so yes, they are slip resistant.) The outsoles of their shoes are made from vulcanized rubber, providing great traction on any surface. Are Vans non-slip certified in working environments? No. A certified slip-resistant shoe is required in working environments like restaurants, cleaning, etc. You might have … Read more

Super Birki vs Profi Birki reviewed

The Super Birki vs Profi Birki debate is essential when you choose the right clog for professional use. Even though they are from the same manufacturer (Birkenstocks), the two types have marked differences that go beyond. In the same light, the two shoe types have similarities that make them the best footwear for everyone, regardless … Read more

Shoes for Everesting you Should know about – running 8848 meters


Everesting, named after the highest mountain worldwide, involves selecting a hill from anywhere in the world and ascending and descending it as quickly as possible to reach a total of 8,848 meters, the elevation of Mount Everest. Everesting initially started as a cycling challenge but has also gained popularity as a running or trekking challenge. … Read more

Best Shoes for Plantar Fibroma

Plantar fibroma is a condition that causes your feet to form deep connective tissues, leading to discomfort and aches for afflicted individuals. If this is a problem, you should know the importance of using high-quality shoes that provide comfort and reduce pain. Good thing it is possible to combine style and comfort when looking for … Read more

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Every experienced retail worker knows that the right pair of shoes is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need to work in this sector.  Spending hours a day on your feet looking presentable can really take its toll.  Foot cramps, rubbing and swelling are just some of the unfortunate side effects … Read more

Best Shoes for Warehouse Work

Anyone who has worked in a warehouse knows how tough the job can be. You’re generally on your feet for the entire shift, and after several hours your legs and feet will feel it. You know you will have to walk long distances and pivot to get boxes and packages from the racks, so let’s explore … Read more

Best Shoes for Treadmill Walking

The treadmill is an incredibly popular form of exercise that’s used the world over by people looking to meet their health and fitness goals. Simple and easy to use, but flexible enough that it can be used by literally anyone no matter their current state of fitness.  But one of the issues with treadmills is … Read more