How to Clean All White Huaraches

How to Clean All White Huaraches

Nike’s White Huaraches have been all the rage recently for good reason. They’re slick, stylish, and spellbinding, making them one of Nike’s hottest products as of recent months. If you aren’t sold yet, take a look at how popular they are on just about any online store from Amazon to Nike’s own webstore.

Now they aren’t the easiest shoe to get your hands on and they can err on the higher side of price but if you’ve got a pair, then good for you. But wait – here’s the kicker: as they come in pristine white, keeping them clean is a little tricky. White after all is the easiest color to ruin. So how do you clean your all white Huaraches? Read our guide below and you should be all set.

The best thing about cleaning your huaraches is that anyone can do it with just a handful of tools you probably have at home already: towels, detergent, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bleach, etc. If not, a quick hop to the supermarket should get you up and running.

Method 1 – Bleaching

Bleaching is a pretty common method to use on white huaraches and on shoes in general but do exercise caution! It’s crucial that you always wear sturdy gloves when handling a chemical like bleach. Failing to do this can result in some pretty nasty skin irritation.

Now once ready, simply prepare a large bucket and mix in around 60ml of bleach along with just enough warm water so as to fill the bucket 3 quarters of the way. Mix everything up with your gloved hand or some kind of stick and once everything has been properly mixed, fully submerge your huaraches for around 3½ minutes.

Once done, immediately remove your shoes and allow them to dry under direct sunlight and voila! Your shoes are as good as new. 

Method 2 – Baking Soda

While great as an odor remover for sweaty clothes in general, baking soda works magic on huaraches as well. Prepare your cleaning solution by mixing in a few tablespoons of baking soda along with warm water and a few dollops of vinegar and mix them together until they form a gooey paste that resembles wet cement.

Once done, coat your huaraches with this cleaning paste using either a toothbrush or a cloth (or a vigorous rub with your fingers if you have neither) until evenly coated. You should then leave your shoes alone in a preferably dry and warm area for up to 6 hours or until the pasta has completely hardened. Once dry, remove the hardened paste by gently hitting the shoes against any hard surface and remove any excess using a wet cloth.

Method 3 – Toothpaste 

Toothpaste is another great household alternative for cleaning your huaraches but make sure it’s a non-gel, all-white toothpaste (i.e. it doesn’t have colorful swirlies when squeezed). Cleaning couldn’t be simpler here too – it’s just like brushing your teeth.

Get a toothbrush, squeeze on some toothpaste, and proceed to gently brush around all the filthy spots on your shoes as you would with your teeth with a variety of circular motions. Once done, let the toothpaste rest for a few minutes before wiping it all off with a wet towel.

Do note that you may have to repeat the entire process a few more times depending on how dirty they are!

Method 4 – Detergent 

Much like how you’d use bleach as we’ve explained above, laundry detergent can serve the same purpose. Prepare a bucket of warm water and add in just enough detergent so as to produce a foamy, frothy substance that reminds you of either a bubble bath or beer depending on your age.

Once ready, grab a towel or a soft sponge to soak up the mixture and you’re ready to go – start scrubbing around your shoes gently but firmly and apply a little more pressure than normal on the especially dirty and stained sections. Once done, let your shoes dry outdoors – preferably under warm sunlight – and you’ll be all ready to wear your huaraches out in no time. 

Method 5 – Sneaker Cleaner

Sitting as the least accessible option in our guide, though you probably don’t have a sneaker cleaner at home right now, know that buying one online or at your local footwear store is a breeze. These are carefully crafted formulas that are designed to do one thing only: clean your sneakers. Using them couldn’t be easier too as they usually come in spray bottles.

You simply spray up to 20 pumps per shoe followed by a gentle brushing down with either a toothbrush or a dedicated shoe brush (both work fine). Once done, use a soft towel (use a microfiber towel if you’re especially worried about your shoes) to wipe off any excess liquids and proceed to air dry your huaraches for a few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just chuck my huaraches into my washing machine?  

Technically, despite how Nike suggests only using hand-washing for their huaraches, using a washing machine is possible if your shoes are especially dirty. Of course, we really don’t recommend doing this if you love your shoes and aren’t in the mood for some risk-taking but if you must, keep a few things in mind.

Remove the laces before throwing in your shoes, use a mesh washing bag or something similar (e.g. pillowcases work wonders), pick the gentlest setting, and absolutely do not use any heat. We cannot emphasize the last point enough – only use cold water!

How do I air dry my shoes outdoors if it’s winter? 

Unless you’re somehow living outdoors, the seasons of the year shouldn’t have any impact on your cleaning sessions. Sure, with winter comes both cold temperatures and damp environments which makes outdoor airdrying a hassle but don’t fret. Air drying isn’t some be-all-end-all miracle step in the cleaning process. Simply let them dry in a warm environment inside your home (e.g. kitchens and bedrooms work well).

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