What Is the Average Shoe Size for a Man?

What Is the Average Shoe Size for a Man?

Shoes come in all sizes and shapes, but certain sizes are more in demand than others. These are the sizes that get sold out the fastest. If you have ever wanted to shop at a sale and you were late you would know exactly what I mean. There are more men with those shoe sizes, hence they are considered the average shoe sizes.

What is the average shoe size for a man?

The worldwide average shoe size for men lies within the range of 9 to 12. The feet you have, of course, are just right for you but there are many studies analyzing the average shoe sizes for men. These sizes are commonly worn by larger proportion of men around the world.

What Is the Average Shoe Size for Men in the US?

In the United States, the average shoe size for men is around 10.5 with an average width. Usually, the difference between one size to another is 0.17 or 4/25 inches. It may not seem much, but it can make all the difference in finding the right fit and comfort for your feet.

The shoe size references two factors to consider for that perfect fit you may want – the length and the width. There are three types of width available narrow, average and wide. The most common width preferred by US males and used by shoe companies as standard is the average.

What Is the Average Shoe Size for Men in Europe?

When it comes to Europe, the shoe sizing changes. They don’t use the same sizing number as the US.  However, these sizes are convertible and usually, shoe manufacturing companies mention both sizes on the shoes. So, you don’t need to take out a calculator or google the conversion table to find the right size for you.

European men sizes start at a size of 32 which is equivalent to 0.5 in US sizing. It goes up to 50 which corresponds to 15.5 in US shoe size. The easiest way to convert the sizes is to add 33 to your US shoe size to find the corresponding fit in European size. The average shoe size for men in Europe is around 42-43 which translate to 10 in US sizing.

What Determines Shoe Size in Men?

It is all good to know the average sizes in men shoes, but you may wonder what determines these shoe sizes. I was always curious whether my shoe size depended on certain factors or if it was just an arbitrary feature of my body. Would I have to try many sizes to find the right shoe size or could I base the determination on certain other aspects of my body?

Shoe sizes are dependent on several factors but the most dominate one is height. Probably not a surprise there. Shoe size is relatively proportional to height in men, especially after puberty. If you are a tall fellow you would more likely have larger feet than someone who is average or shorter height. There are exceptions but then that’s true to almost everything in life.

There are other factors that contribute to your shoe size such as age, weight, activity level and genetics. If you are on the heavier side of the weighted average of your height, your shoe size maybe a half or a size bigger. Likewise, as men grow older their shoe size can grow bigger due to weight gain and wear and tear of the feet over time. 

What Is the Average Shoe Size for a 5’5” Tall Man?

As I mentioned earlier, shoe sizes to a good extent depend on height. So, you can opt for the average shoe size for your height to try on and go from there to get the perfect fitting shoes.

If you are a male with a height of 5 feet 5 inches or shorter, the average shoe size would lie within the range of 7 to 9. You can perhaps try on size 8 and see if it is a bit loose, tight or just perfect for you. In case it is loose you can go for a size smaller and if it is tight, try out the one size bigger.

What Is the Average Shoe Size for a 5’7” Tall Man?

If your height is 5 feet 7 inches, give or take an inch, I do have an estimate for your average shoe size. Your average shoe size will lie within the range of 9.5 to 10.5.

You should try out the 10 size first as chances are it will be a good fit for you. But as a correlation between height and shoe size, this is not an exact science, it may vary a size up or down. You would know whether to go up and down based on the fit of the shoes.

What Is the Average Shoe Size for a 6’ Tall Man?

The average shoe size for a 6 feet tall man would likely be 11.5. In order to make this more relatable, I would flex the height and shoe size range. For a man of 6 feet height, give or take an inch, the average range for shoe size will lie within 11 to 12.5. Try out the size 12 and go from there.

What Is the Average Shoe Size for a 6’3” Tall Man?

The last height I would mention here is 6 feet 3 inches and the likely average shoe size would be 13. If you are taller, you can go up to the size of 15.5. Simply start by trying out the 13 size and figure out from there the right size.

Now, do keep in mind that we are considering the average shoe size for specific height men. You may have bigger or smaller feet for someone of your height and corresponding shoe size regardless of your height. However, many will fall within these average ranges.

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